Nightlife & Hospitality Insurance

General Liability - Covers insured for damages due to bodily injury or property damage on insured’s premises. Includes defense cost.

Liquor Liability - Similar in coverage to General Liability. Liquor Liability is needed when insured sells or serves alcoholic beverages (including beer and wine).

Assault & Battery - Assault and Battery covers third party liability arising out of any assault and battery. Coverage is patron to patron or employee to patron.

Property/Contents/Loss of Earnings - Covers physical loss or damage to insured’s property at the premises described in the policy declaration page. The loss must be a result of a covered peril (i.e., fire, wind). Contents coverage is the business personal property, which is located inside the insured’s premises. Loss of Earnings will provide coverage to an insured if they need to relocate their business temporarily after a property loss

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We Cover…

  • Taverns/Saloons

  • Neighborhood Bars

  • Restaurants

  • Breweries

  • Wineries